About Me

Sex and the Single Mom, is about my harrowing, yet ultimately empowering journey, as a forty-something, divorced, single mom. Candid, funny, and straight to the point, I structure Sex and the Single Mom as a series of posts describing a formidable sequence of events in my life as a single mom from serious illness, working as a lowly assistant to the uber-wealthy of Dallas, a tumultuous relationship with a narcissistic, philandering lawyer to a shocking case of sexual harassment, and an unconventional, controversial means of earning a lucrative, secondary source of income to support my beloved daughter. All these experiences, I think, are shared, at least in part, by single moms everywhere.  A word of caution: Read the posts you like in my blog and leave the rest. My intention is not to offend, but to entertain, enlighten, and affirm all single women!

**Please note I’ve written my blog under a pseudonym, Magnolia Golden, because it contains sensitive, private, and controversial subject matter. I don’t want to reveal my identity for fear of reprisal from my conservative community.